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9am – 12pm


141 N Main St,
Casnovia, MI 49318



(616) 675-4780


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Meeting Minutes

Minutes are the official permanent record of the business of the board, and it is the board’s clerk’s job to make sure they are accurate yet concise.


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Common Questions

Where are you located?

Casnovia Michigan

Village of Casnovia Information

Village Office – 141 N Main Street, Casnovia, MI 49318.

Village Office Telephone Number – 616-678-5117

Regular Office Hours – 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM – Tuesday – Thursday



Village sewer bills are sent out quarterly.  Payment is due the last day of the quarter.

Fiscal Year sewer rates are $61.00 per unit

Village sewer quarters

January 1 – payment due March 31

April 1 – payment due June 30

July 1 –  payment due September 30

October 1 – payment due December 31

Recycle Pickup
New Resident Information

Welcome to the Village of Casnovia!

The Village was incorporated by Act, April 1st, 1875.  The Village has an agricultural rich heritage.

The population for the Village as of July 1, 2023, is 313 with 119 households.

The Village of Casnovia office hours are Tuesday – Thursday from 9am – 12pm.

Your village taxes, which are due in September of each year, pay for your garbage and recycle pickup.

Garbage is picked up every Friday and Recycle is collected every other Friday. We ask that you not leave your bins by the roadside after the Waste Management Company has emptied them.

The Village ordinance regarding Inoperable or “Junk” vehicles and regulates vehicles, machinery, and equipment in the village.  Generally, inoperable motor vehicles may not be stored outside for not more than 14 days without a permit.  Inoperable vehicles or parts thereof kept in violation of the ordinance are a public nuisance and will constitute a municipal civil infraction.

Pet owners should be aware that:
It is unlawful for any dog/animal in the
Village to be allowed to run loose or
unattended to the extent of becoming a
public nuisance or traffic hazard.
Citizens walking pets
should carry a device for immediate clean
up of animal waste.
The Village Animal Control Ordinance requires all dogs over 4 months old to have an annual license.

For assistance with Video/Cable Customer
Complaints the State of Michigan has the
following contact information:
Michigan Public Service Commission,
Attn: Video Franchising, 6545 Mercantile Way,
Lansing, MI 48909

The Village has a hall which is available for rental.  Please review the Village website calendar for Hall availability.

You will find the Village website has helpful information.

If you have any  interest in participating on the Village Council/Planning Commission, please contact the Village Office at (616)675-4780 for information.